Hip Hop Yoga: What You Need to Know

Cassandra Hradek Yoga

I love yoga, but hip hop yoga? Seemed odd. But I'll try anything once.

So glad I did!

Where is Hip Hip Yoga?

Vibe5 offers it (and brought it to Charlotte). It’s called H3 Vibe5! 

What does H3 stand for?

  • Hip (hip hop jams)
  • Hot (yes, your dance moves are hot, but so is the room)
  • Hard (not recommended for beginners)

How was my first experience? 

Enter me. Heated room. Old school Eminem singing in my ears. 

Like most yoga classes, we started with a warm up, then we got right to it. Kacy (aka, the amazing, energetic teacher) guided us through three mini sequences. Each one started slow – holding each pose a few breaths. We increased the pace with each round. After three times, I started to remember the poses.

That’s when the real fun started.

The lights went down, the jams went up, and we flowed. Hard. Without any guidance, we took the sequence we had just learned and explored it individually. Everyone moved to their own beat. 

It allowed me to really get into my body and try unique variations. I even closed my eyes at one point to just jam.

After all sequences were completed, we did one final flow – putting everything together. At this point, I was tired. But when Queen B started, I was in it again.

My take? Dance party meets hot yoga with a side of interval training. It’s an advanced, hour-long class that will get your heart pumping, body moving and sweat pouring. 

If you love hip hop and yoga, try it at least once. Check it out!